Crime in The Victorian Era

July 15th, 2014

I am working on one of the initial chapters of THE WITCH AND THE HOUND novel, a high society lady has been murdered at night by a serial killer. Since there were so many servants in the house, how did they find her body next day? And how did they report the murder?

It is not as simple as in the modern era. She was murdered in her Withdrawing room, so the in-between-stairs maid went into the room to start the fire in the fireplace in the room and she got a look at the body. Shouts and screams. The Lady’s maid, which is the maid that attended the woman in question, comes down from the second floor and sees the poor maid scared, pale, frightened, etc. She takes a look at the body from the door of the Withdrawing room, gets scared and calls for the Butler. The Butler goes into the room and takes a cursory look at the body, shaken and pale he goes to the telephone (new fangled invention) and calls the Police Station, asking for a Constable to come over.

The Constable comes over, realizes she is a high society lady, the murder is horrific, and he is out of his depth. So he goes to the phone and calls for an Inspector to come over. The inspector appears and makes a cursory examination of the crime scene.

While he is doing that, his superior, a Captain of the Metropolitan Police in 1856 London, realizes that she is the widow of a man that used to be in Government, and was very influential. Now we are talking power, the case becomes very delicate.

So the Captain calls his superior, explains the ramifications, and they pass the problem up the chain of command ending in the Prime Minister’s lap, he promptly calls his Handler of spies, special inspectors and more, and gives the job to investigate to Special Branch.

So the scene is not simple since a number of persons are involved in the discovery and talking about the murder, who is passing the problem up the hierarchy, from the lowest maid in the house, all the way up to the Prime Minister, and back down to Special Branch.

I Changed my Novel Name

July 9th, 2014

I was on the final revision of my manuscript when I had a brainstorm, or maybe a brain wreck.

I looked at the manuscript for my novel titled VISITATIONS and decided that it should not take place in Westchester County, New York, present time.

I thought that it would add another layer of interest if I moved the story to London, England, but even more importantly, the end of the Victorian Era, when the Empire was at its peak, India was the Jewel in the Crown, and the chasm between the rich and the poor was very deep. Also, I changed the title to THE WITCH AND THE HOUND.

I believe the contrast between the two ways of lives, affecting a story where a woman of high society who happens to be a Witch gets involved in chasing a serial killer would have many possible scenes and would deepen the story with another level.

Of course now I am knee deep in research, customs, mores, rookeries, foods, transportation, ladies and lords and many more things to take into account.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

Almost finished with the Visitations manuscript

June 30th, 2014

It has gone through seven revisions, much removing of irrelevant stuff that does not move the plot, any additions to create a couple of subplots, a lot of work on grammar, line editing, looking for typos that the grammar checker or the dictionary does not find (word exists in a dictionary but is out of context).
Should finish today. Then I get to start sending query letters.

Sixth Draft of Visitations Thriller

June 22nd, 2014

Ok, the manuscript has been sitting on the shelf for a month now. It’s time to make the next major revision.

I’m going to make the Chapters shorter, with fewer scenes, which will allow me to add more page turners and surprises at the end of the chapter.

And I’m going to be nastier with the male lead, hurt him some more, kill another of his friends, keep the tension growing.

Updated the Visitations Thriller Novel

June 19th, 2014

I just updated the first few pages of my new novel Visitations. It is a Thriller, about a widow and a farmer that team up with a being from another world to track a serial killer that is raping, torturing and killing young, beautiful women in a small town.

The Most Critical Page in Writing a Novel

June 13th, 2014

It is the Query Letter, a balancing act in a high wire, you want to sell your novel, make it an interesting read for your prospective Agent, and keep it simple at the same time. Be concise.


June 8th, 2014

This is a true story, I had a brother in law that worked for IBM and he heard it mentioned.

There was a sales convention, and the most successful salesman was asked what was his secret to his success.

He thought for a while and said, “I like hearing the word NO, I don’t let it get me down or discourage me. Because whenever I hear the word NO, I know I am getting nearer to hearing my next YES.”

I came to the USA with 100 dollars in my pocket. And I worked and learned very hard, I grabbed the opportunities with both hands.

I never let adversity let me down, I would pick myself from the floor and I would continue the journey being a bit wiser about what I needed to do. I got a BSEE and an MBA.

I have lived the good life. But I had to work very hard to get what I wanted, and I learned early that nothing is easy, there are no shortcuts, no magic words. You have to Persevere.

But the day that you say to yourself “I will persevere”, that is the day when your road to a good life will start.

Hi I Updated The Drug Lord

June 1st, 2014

Just to let you know that I updated the pages for my novel The Drug Lord. You can find under under Portfolio.

Hi, I just added more pages to The Drug Lord

May 31st, 2014

This is a story of the Vargas Drug Cartel, it takes place in the future, in the year of 2084, and the planet is being ravaged by the crazy weather patters caused by Global Warming.

The price of oil, food and other materials has skyrocketed, people are dying of hunger. So the people of the Cartel use the money they get from selling drugs to feed the poor. It is very ironic, a twist on Robin Hood, steal from the rich to feed the poor.

Hello, NAIWE members, ! just joined the Association!

April 26th, 2014

Hi, I just started my membership in NAIWE and I want to tell you a few things about myself.

I am a voracious reader, I have read many, many books, the Classics like Homer, Ovid, Dickens, Cesar’s Biography, War and Peace, Gone with the Wind, and the masters like Koontz, Grisham, MacDonald, Anne Perry and  many, many more.
I have written two novels of around 100,000 words, which I have not published yet, one is a Thriller about a serial killer, titled Visitations, and it takes place in the town of Ossining, New York (right next to small town of Sleepy Hollow, famous for the story of the Headless Horseman). I will be putting the first two scenes of it in my blog.
The other one is titled The Drug Lord, and portrays the life in Latin America and the traffic in drugs, and although it is fiction, it has a lot of stories about the real life of the rich people, and the poor people that serve them. It gives an interesting, realistic story of the life in a Latin American country, Venezuela. I chose it because it is both a producer of drugs and also it feeds drugs into the pipeline going North towards the USA and Europe, their Cartels are as dangerous and ruthless as the Colombian and Mexican Cartels.
The drug pipeline starts in Argentina, in the southern tip of the continent, and is fed by many countries and people, the rich because they are greedy, the poor because they don’t have any other jobs. The real unemployment is well above 30%, the rich people live a life of luxury, while the poor live a life of servitude, need and hunger.
I have put the first two scenes of the book under one of the pages in my Portfolio. Enjoy.