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My Novels

I have written two Novels and started a new one:



When Lady Elizabeth Gray, a Witch, is contacted by a supernatural Hound, she knows he brings trouble.

The Witch recruits Alan Spencer, a Hunter, as her protector. The link with the Hound causes Alizabeth excruciating pain and nausea. But she agrees with the call of the Hound because he tells her that they will be saving lives.

The Hound wants them to start hunting a dangerous serial killer whose identity is unknown to the London Metropolitan Police in 1868. The couple has to contend with a skeptical Police force that believes that the partners are thieves who are after the 1,000 Pounds reward for finding the elusive killer.

But when they start hunting for the killer they find out that the Hound is inexperienced in tracking humans and loses the scent. It is unfamiliar with the Earth and gets lost in the maze of streets that are the rookeries of London, so they are getting too late to the houses where John Sebastian perpetrates his crimes.

Women start to die. Elizabeth experiences each death as a psychic blow to her soul.

But Elizabeth and Alan refuse to give up the hunt because they may yet be able to save lives.

Thriller, THE WITCH AND THE HOUND, manuscript completed and being revised, 87,000 words, possible first book of a series (The Witches Guild), scheduled completion mid August.



Just started the research for this novel, it takes place in the late Victorian period in London, England.

A madman is loose in the neighborhood of Bailer Square, where mansions of well to do people live and play. The rich neighborhood is separated by a park from a large rookery of small, rambling houses where many of the poor live in wretched conditions.

When young women start dying in Bailer Square and the Metropolitan Police is unable to find the killer, Alizabeth Gray, the Witch and the Hound are called once again to help the Police solve the mystery.

It is a Thriller, projected 90,000 words, time to first manuscript probably around mid October 2014.



I have put this one on hold for now, I have 130,000 words written, it is in the first stage manuscript. I want to do the second book of the The Witches Guild series first.

The country is Venezuela, which is one of the most important countries that participates in the drug traffic, by cultivating and moving drugs in the pipeline going North to the USA and Europe.

The novel paints a picture of everyday life in Latin America, the choices that people make or are forced to make, the life over there as a rich person or a poor person. The infrastructure is crumbling and the Geo-political changes are many and force people to make choices that may have been different in a more benign world. The division in classes fuels an inescapable war for survival.

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